A New Drug

The following is an interview administered by my logical half (LH) to my whimsical half (WH).

LH: So I suppose the first question should be why the hell you’ve decided to start a tumblr account? Don’t you consider your pathetic twitter account as proof positive you’re just not that great at social media?

WH: Pathetic?! I provide quality twitters in a timely fashion.  Fashionably late is a time right?  It’s quality over quantity!

LH: Tweets.  Sure.  What about Facebook?  Your last post there is so old that it was written in Latin.

WH: *nods while checking Facebook on iPhone*

LH: It’s pretty clear you have nothing to say that couldn’t be expressed on the back of a cocktail napkin.

WH: How big is the cocktail napkin?

LH: What kind of narsasistic asshole are you?

WH: The worst kind.  The kind with an Internet connection and tons of free time.