First to Forty-Five

It will come as a shock to almost no one that I don’t exactly burn up Twitter.  I view it almost entirely for consumption; choosing instead to suck it contents up through a straw and appreciate the woody finish instead of blasting off at the mouth.  It’s a conscious choice due to the character limit of the format.  I very rarely have thoughts that can be compressed down to 140 characters; the package would be too tight, potentially busting at the seams.

While I value the precious characters that Twitter provides (free of charge), there are others that are character greedy; eating up all the delicious characters recklessly.  They have no problem tweeting, re-tweeting, mentioning, direct messaging, etc, until my entire Twitter feed is filled up with @loudmouth.  I abstain from this practice, selecting quality over quantity.

Why does any of this matter?  Because Butler and Wisconsin are currently engaged in a battle of wills; not really against each other, but against my will to actually watch the game.  My first thought was to come up with something fun and whimsical to post to Twitter, but my mind would not allow it: the ideas were too numerous.  Instead, I decided to refrain from bombarding Twitter with them, looking to here as a more appropriate venue.


My imaginary Twitter feed:

-It’s ‘Turn Back The Clock’ night at the Butler vs. Wisconsin game.  They are wearing throwback jerseys and not using a shot clock.

-I think Butler v. Wisconsin would be more interesting if the winning team was awarded a $5000 contribution to a 401k

-Is it possible for Butler and Wisconsin to setback the game of basketball until before it was invented?

-Do the winners of the Butler Wisconsin game get to open their own law firm?

-I’d say first to forty-five would win the Butler v. Wisconsin game, but I’m not sure if they are going to play enough overtimes for either of them to score forty-five.